Have your say on Altrincham Public Spaces
Trafford Council have plans for improving public spaces in key locations in the town.
Their vision is “To make Altrincham a much more attractive place to live, visit, shop, invest and enjoy.”
To help them achieve this please visit their website to view the plans and provide your feedback.

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Places For Everyone

There is a new consultation taking place on a joint development plan called, ‘Places for Everyone’ Publication Draft 2021 (PfE 2021) between 9th August and 3rd October 2021.

The previous iteration of the plan was called ‘Greater Manchester Spatial Framework’ (GMSF). In December 2020 Stockport Council withdrew from the process and the plan continued as a joint development plan of the nine other Districts in Greater Manchester, now known as ‘Places for Everyone’.

PfE 2021 proposes two strategic allocations in Trafford: New Carrington and Timperley Wedge:

New Carrington is proposed for 4,300 homes to be delivered in plan period to 2037, and 5,000 homes in total beyond plan period. New Carrington is also proposed for 350,000 sqm of employment floorspace for industry and warehousing.

Timperley Wedge is proposed for 1,700 homes to be delivered in plan period to 2037, and 2,500 homes in total beyond plan period. Timperley Wedge is also proposed for 15,000 sqm of office employment land in plan period to 2037 and 60,000 sqm in total beyond plan period.
To read the Statement of Representations which explains the procedure for making representations at the next stage of the plan, including where the documents are available for inspection, CLICK HERE
Local Development Scheme
Please note, as part of the work on the Development Plan for Trafford, the Council has published a revised timetable for the production of the “Places for Everyone” Plan, the Trafford Local Plan and other emerging Development Plan Documents. This timetable covers the period 2021-2024 and can be viewed online via the Strategic Planning web pages at http://www.trafford.gov.uk/strategic-planning under ‘Plan Making in Trafford’.


Upgrades to School Crossings in Bowdon and Timperley
Trafford Borough Council are proposing to improve the cycling and walking facilities on Dunham Road at the junction with Gorsey Lane, Altrincham. The new crossing will provide a much-needed facility for local school children across a busy main road. Similar work will also be done on Shaftesbury Avenue.
Click on the link below which gives more details and a link to the full plans:


Trafford Council’s Draft Statement of Gambling Principles 2022-2025

The Council is consulting a range of bodies as part of this process including those that represent residents,
local businesses, premises licence holders and other interested parties in the Trafford area.
 Our Statement of Gambling Principles is a document we must review every three years
and it sets out our approach to the licensing of gambling premises in Trafford.
It gives clear guidance to licence holders, applicants and people who may comment on
licence applications of our policies and expectations. We are legally obliged to have
regard to our Statement of Gambling Principles when we make decisions on licence applications or reviews.
This year the 10 Greater Manchester Licensing Authorities have agreed to take a common approach
to refreshing their gambling policies; and so our draft statement reflects the principles to be adopted across the region.
Our draft Statement of Gambling Principles 2022-2025 is now available CLICK HERE
where you can comment on the proposals by clicking on the link and completing the consultation questionnaire.
Any comments should be received by 5.00 pm on the 3rd September 2021.
Joanne Boyle  |  Licensing Team Leader
Place Directorate
Regulatory Services – Licensing
Trafford Borough Council
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH.


Changes to the ward boundaries in Trafford

The Civic Society attended a meeting this week which might be of interest.

The Local Government Boundary Commission are looking at changing the ward boundaries in Trafford to be more equal and representative.

Broadheath in particular has an unequal number of residents.

CLICK HERE To have your say on the main consultation website (closes on 23 August 2021)

OR contact us if you have any thoughts on this either through the website contact page, Facebook or Twitter.

The largest redevelopment of an estate anywhere in Greater Manchester for more than 10 years has been approved.
Trafford Council’s planning committee unanimously granted planning permission to housing association Irwell Valley Homes and contractors Seddon for their £50 million plans to overhaul the Sale West estate.
The plans include 79 new affordable homes; the revamp of 184 existing homes, including new boilers, gates, roofs, kitchens and bathrooms; new roads; sports facilities and brand new playgrounds.
Irwell Valley Homes manages more than 1,000 homes on the Sale West estate.
Planning permission for the 79 new affordable homes, set to cost £11 million, was granted planning permission by the council in June 2020.
The homes marked the first phase of the housing association’s massive planned redevelopment of the estate and were due to be completed this year.
The whole regeneration of the Sale West estate is expected to take at least seven years.
This next application as part of the scheme was for outline planning permission to regenerate the estate and involves the ‘residential development’,
or revamp of up to 184 homes; replacing and upgrading the area’s sports and community spaces; creating new and improving existing roads through the estate; improving parking facilities as well as removing and cutting back some trees.
In 2020, when the plans were first tabled, Sasha Deepwell, chief executive of Irwell Valley Homes, said: “We are delighted to be making this significant investment in the Sale West estate. We are committed to providing great homes, in good neighbourhoods, and this major regeneration programme will help us to achieve this. As well as the improvements to the existing homes and estate, the new homes will give local people access to a home they can afford within their community. Over the last two months we have been working with local residents and partners to understand their aspirations for the area. By listening to their views, we have been able to identify what’s important to them and have used their feedback to influence our plans.”


Trafford Local Plan

Trafford recently held a public consultation in relation to their draft Trafford Local Plan (Regulation 18), which designates land for specific uses
and identifies opportunities for development and protection, with a vision for what type of place Trafford will be in the future.
This closed on 18th March 2021.
Trafford Council maintains a database of consultees who wish to be kept informed about planning policy matters.
If you wish to be informed of future consultations on planning policy by email, please email:
Jonathan Pannell, Strategic Planning Officer
Strategic Growth Services
Economic Growth, Environment and Infrastructure
Trafford Council | Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Manchester M32 0TH
Planning Enquiry Line: 0161 912 3149



Since the local elections in May 2019 the control of Trafford Council has passed totally into the hands of a Labour lead administration. The Altrincham & Bowdon Civic Society are looking forward to working with the new administration to continue the progress in making our local area a great place to live, work, and enjoy.

Conservation Officer
Trafford MBC now has a Conservation Officer. We are pleased to welcome back Elisabeth Lewis. Her appointment came after lobbying by Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society following a Civic Voice campaign. We are lucky to have a Conservation Officer as so many towns are loosing theirs as local authorities seek ways to save money. Although only part time she will be making a valuable contribution in looking at planning applications which involve listed buildings, heritage assets, and Conservation Areas.

We also have a new Partnership Officer Anna Jones who is keen to meet local organisations.
email anna.jones@trafford.gov.uk or go through us.

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