The following issues are currently being discussed and worked on by the committee:


Our Chair Judie Collins has written to Tesco Chief Executive Dave Lewis, regarding the reduction of free parking time at the Altrincham Store.  Details of the email are shown below:

Altrincham was voted the Best High Street in England last year which was a transformation from having the most empty shops in the country some years ago. A lot of hard work has gone into this success and Tesco has been an important part of this bringing people into the town centre after shopping at Tesco. Unfortunately the decision to cut parking hours from three to two is hitting the town centre very badly as people can no longer fit in a visit to the town centre. Many are choosing to shop at Sainsburys or another Tesco (the three hours remain at the Old Trafford store).

We have a Business Improvement District (Tesco doesn;t take part we understand)and an adopted Neighbourhood Business Plan. We also have a large development site, Altair opposite Tesco which we understand will host a Lidl if talks go well. Altrincham Tesco does much for the community. It sponsors a town centre community planter (Gold Medals at Northwest in Bloom)it has a community room and sponsors community projects.

I am writing to you because we have no contacts with local management and the local authority seems powerless to intervene. Please let us know how we can reverse this very harmful change of policy.

Judie Collins
Chair Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society

HOUSE OF FRASER/RACKAMS SITE George Street, Altrincham

An application has been made to re-develop this site into retail, office and residential accommodation.  We have sent a letter of objection as there is already plenty of retail space. We think this is an ideal site for an hotel.
Click here to read our objection letter.


There is great disquiet about the parking situation in the town centre, we renew our plea for a town centre parking strategy. Stamford Quarter had said there was no change to the number of spaces at their car park just a simplification of contract places.  The reduction of parking time at Tesco is yet to be resolved. There are rumours of a Lidl on the Broadheath Retail Park which would mean it is even more important that people can shop in the town centre without worrying about parking.

We continue to be concerned at the proliferation of A boards. One of the public realm measures was to be the removal of street clutter. The utility companies’ illegal tarmac on our streets is being addressed by Angela our business lead who is also working hard on night time economy issues.

The very active Trafford Cycling Forum continues to have concerns about the Moss Lane cycle way which has already had one fatality and the lack of cycling provision in the town centre.

Altrincham Neighbourhood Plan Design group have met with Senior Planners at TMBC. Updates were given on The Graftons refurbishment. It was hoped that the walk through from George Street to Railway Street would be reinstated. The Moss Lane cycle way public realm was also discussed together with the Rackams site.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points
We are pleased to note that the Tesco Extra Store in Altrincham have now installed Electric Vehicle charging points. Do you think we have enough electric vehicle charging points in our area? We would be pleased to hear your views so we can encourage more charging points to be installed.

Altrincham Hub
Council Health Scrutiny meeting on 24th July.
Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society spoke for 3 minutes about their involvement in Altrincham healthcare buildings and answered questions from the councillors.   Martyn Pritchard for the Clinical Commissioning Group said he was new and so wanted to concentrate on future rather than past.
Relationships between CCG and Council and NHS England/NHS Property were discussed and answers would be provided at a later date. GPs will be moving in and a tour of the building had taken place by St Johns. It is recommended that patients stress with the practice that they would like to be involved/kept abreast of developments. They had all had a letter.
Ongoing discussions advancing with commercial/public tenants. An electronic booking system was being looked at for community use out of hours.

Altrincham Leisure Centre
The Consultation on the new Altrincham Leisure Centre has ended but the Society continues to work with Dan Barlow at TMBC about what should be provided. We have suggested concentration on niche users like small children, teenagers and older people. Any other thoughts welcome.

St John’s Church
We continue to voice our concerns about preserving artefacts from the closed St John’s Church where the new owners want to dispose of the war memorial and font. Altrincham Town Hall seems the best option and we have noted there is ample wall space. We are in touch with the Diocese as is Lis Lewis our Conservation officer.

Altrincham Town Hall
We must also renew our efforts to find a home there for Margaret Norris’s Millennium Art work and to repair chairs which are mostly in the basement. We are also urging the installation of wifi in the building to promote its use.


Ian Stuart and the Friends of Altrincham Interchange continue to promote this multi modal transport facility. A high level meeting with Metrolink has recently taken place.


A meeting is pending with Trafford Housing Trust about their town centre estate after they were acquired by London and Quadrant Housing Trust, a housing association operating in Greater London, South East England and East Anglia, based in Lewisham.

Outside the town centre we continue to work with Bowdon Conservation Group.

We sit on the Broadheath Partnership, work with Stamford Brook Residents Association and the Friends of the Cowfield in Oldfield Brow. Broadheath Partnership met and minutes will be forthcoming.

Woodstock Park
Woodstock Park in Broadheath is in need of more support and help. The park, sited in the middle of a popular housing estate, is very well designed for typical park users and caters for most age groups. It has an all weather multi-sports pitch, a youth adventure play space, seating and picnic space, and 24 hour access.  See the main article on our Latest News Page  CLICK HERE

We try to get to our parent organisation Civic Voice’s events. Paulina has just come back from Birmingham to report
on good design.

We continue to work closely as members of the Neighbourhood Business Plan design and working groups.

We have commented on the Spatial framework consultation. We have done a Manchester Airport master class workshop and celebrated their 80th birthday with a trip to Barton Airport.


Since the local elections in May 2019 the control of Trafford Council has passed totally into the hands of a Labour lead administration. The Altrincham & Bowdon Civic Society are looking forward to working with the new administration to continue the progress in making our local area a great place to live, work, and enjoy.

Conservation Officer
Trafford MBC now has a Conservation Officer. We are pleased to welcome back Elisabeth Lewis. Her appointment came after lobbying by Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society following a Civic Voice campaign. We are lucky to have a Conservation Officer as so many towns are loosing theirs as local authorities seek ways to save money. Although only part time she will be making a valuable contribution in looking at planning applications which involve listed buildings, heritage assets, and Conservation Areas.

The new Chief Executive at Trafford Council Sara Todd, will be the speaker at our AGM on November 20th.
We also use this opportunity to present the Don Bayliss award for Civic Excellence.

We also have a new Partnership Officer Anna Jones who is keen to meet local organisations.
email or go through us.

If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the above, please get in touch
via the CONTACT US page, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Or contact your local councillor directly and copy us in.

Last updated 3rd October 2019

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