The following issues are currently being discussed and worked on by the committee:

Altrincham Leisure Centre
Judie Collins, Angela Stone and Paulina Lewis met at the centre with Jon Francis who looks after Leisure Centres for Trafford Leisure.
There was disappointment that there has been no public consultation in particular relating to the facilities to be provided. It was emphasised that funding and profitability of the centre could only be guaranteed by providing sufficient exercise equipment and in that way the competition from other Altrincham gyms etc could be beaten.

Altrincham Health and Wellbeing Centre
Is to be called ‘ Altrincham Hub’. Option 3 (Top floor open to offers, the rest as clinical) has been chosen by Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the way ahead. A critical report by Ernst & Young will be discussed in June 2019.  A&BCS representatives on the Altrincham Business Neighbourhood Plan (ABNP) working group will be meeting with representatives of the CCG on 27 April to talk about future uses of the space. The ABNP public Consultations said the site should have been residential. Altrincham already has too much empty office space.

Civic Day – 22nd June 2019
Numerous ideas for how and what to do, the following items suggested as possible areas to focus on:
170th Anniversary of Altrincham Railway
Altrincham History Society
It was suggested that schools should be encouraged to become involved.
Sponsors for the event needed
Heritage Open Days (13th to 22nd September 2019) suggested as the target date rather than Civic Day.
Access to places not normally open to the public

Judie Collins and Michael Armstrong attended.

Greater Manchester Spatial Strategy
Leslie Cupitt has submitted comments. The consultation period is now closed but there will be another chance to comment on what may be the final report in July 2019. Details of the Strategy are available on line.

Altrincham Business Neighbourhood Forum
A suggestion has been made about having an Altrincham Town Council. Mike Shields has done a lot of research. Wilmslow has a town council and will be asked to make a presentation to the Forum about their experience in setting up a Council etc.

Parking Charges
There is still concern about the proposed increases in car parking charges and the extension of charging until 8:00 pm which is thought will put our growing night time economy in jeopardy. Building on Regent Road Car Park could start in May.

If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the above, please get in touch via the CONTACT US page, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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