Registered charity No. 246145

Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society was founded more than 60 years ago to promote appropriate and high-quality standards for the development of Altrincham, in order to create a pleasant, attractive and thriving environment, of which its residents and businesses can be proud. Our work covers Altrincham, Bowdon and Broadheath.

We help residents with planning problems, greenspace issues and if we can’t help, we can usually find someone who can. We address issues such as architectural design; public realm; pedestrian movement; traffic flow and car parking.

We are particularly keen to protect and conserve historic buildings and features and encourage adaption and reuse, in order to retain the distinct character of the area. We actively campaign to protect all of our vulnerable Conservation Areas.

Additionally, we are pro-active in the protection and creation of green spaces and tree planting and landscape schemes, in order to improve the ambiance and environment of the area. Street clutter removal and the idea of sharing our street schemes are also encouraged.
We also work with Altrincham Town Centre Partnership to help businesses in Altrincham town centre and Friends of Altrincham Interchange with transport issues.
We have good working relationships with the council, developers and other community groups, regularly holding open Management Committee meetings and special events to discuss items of interest or concern and to inform members, guests and visitors.
The society is very involved in protecting heritage and currently working with Salford University on compiling a local list of interesting buildings.
We aim to work with developers ‘pre planning’ to make a difference and at the moment we are working with CAMRA to keep local pubs open.

Our parent body ‘Civic Voice’ supports us on government issues.
As foundation members of Civic Voice, the Society takes part in the annual national Civic Day in June each year.

New members are always welcome

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