Sue Nichols our Heritage Project Co-ordinator has moved South to be closer to her family.

It has been of great benefit to Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society to have Sue working on projects with us. During Sue’s time with us we have saved St Anne’s Home and Station Buildings from dereliction. We have a new hospital on the site of ‘Shanty Town’ and a Health Hub on the old hospital site, which regardless of the problems within, everyone agrees the building is splendid.
Our ‘Making the Most of Altrincham’ workshops in 2012 with Glass-House Community Led Design,
included ideas to maximise the potential of the Market House, which has now come about.

We have much needed Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans, where none existed before.

Greenspace wise, we saved Shaw’s Green from being a car park and prior to public realm re-design, Sue got us the trees on Lloyd Street and worked with Highways to undertake some decluttering of the streets. The public realm has since completed phase 1 and 2 with phase 3 in the offing. We much appreciate the partnership with Planit-IE.

The Heritage Lottery grant supported the scanning of historic material for the Altrincham Area Image Archive; a variety of exhibitions and talks; oral histories; a booklet about St Mary’s church and Bowdon; an exhibition for St John’s church (now closed) as well as the creation of the Altrincham Heritage website, which is still work in progress.

Sue will continue to work on Altrincham heritage through the website, which is really good news. The reproduction maps will stay with Art with a Heart and the donated historic material will be passed onto Trafford Local Studies Centre. The Civic Society now has two Marsh Christian Trust national awards, one for Sue’s work on heritage and one for our work with Trafford College students.

Our thanks and best wishes go to Sue and her family for health and happiness in their new home.

We continue to need new members and particularly committee members. We meet bi-monthly.

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