The Civic movement is about protecting our heritage for future generation.
One of our most significant local heritage assets is at very serious risk.
The Broadheath Canal Warehouse 1833 is now is in an extremely poor state of repair and preservation.
Unless we get something done to protect this heritage asset it is going to be lost for ever.

Local authorities have powers to force a property owner to improve their property if it falls into disrepair.  If the property owner does not comply with the improvement order the local authority can make the improvements itself and put a charge on the property, registered at the Land Registry, to recover its costs and interest upon sale of the property.
As always agreement is far better than enforcement. Most property owners will make the improvements if they have the funds available to carry out the work. We understand that Trafford Borough Council would like to talk to the owners about the future of the building.


The Society report on this building which was posted a few days ago was removed and revised,
as there was a serious error in the document. 
We have written to apologise to
Mr Michael de Massey, Managing Director of the Selbourne Group Limited,
who were incorrectly stated as the current owners of the property.

The revised report on the building is now available. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

Pictures of the interior are available in a second document, CLICK HERE TO READ IT

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