Fighting for Air – Altrincham screening plus Q&A Panel session

Concerned about the dirty air your children breathe in the Altrincham area?

Come and join members of the Clean Air Parents’ Network from Trafford – Screening of a promotional film will be followed by a Q&A session with panellists from health and the environment.

Learn more about air quality in Trafford, how it impacts on your children’s health, and what we can do locally and nationally for clean air for our children to breathe with healthy lungs.

TUESDAY 18th June 2019   6pm to 8.30pm      Location  Altrincham Preparatory School for Boys 1 Marlborough Road  Bowdon  WA14 2RY

Tackling Air Pollution
The A56 passing North-South through our town has a very poor record for air quality.
Air pollution has been linked to a range of serious health problems.
The Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan aims to tackle nitrogen oxide emissions from the most polluting vehicles.
The GM Clean Air Plan seeks to upgrade the region’s buses, HGVs. Taxis, and van fleets.
There will be an expect £116 million behind the upgrade.
You can have your say on the proposals but time is limited and comments must be submitted
by Sunday 30 June 2019.   
For more information CLICK HERE.

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