Anne Russell, Secretary OF Friends of Trafford Parks and Green Spaces (FoTP&GS) reports as follows:

At the Council Meeting held in January 2022, it was agreed that the Council would investigate the potential to place all Trafford Parks and green spaces in Fields of Trust in order to give them an extra layer of legal protection from housing or other development in the future.
The FoTP&GS think this is a good idea, do you agree?
The Trafford Council Scrutiny Committee met on 21 September to discuss Fields in Trust.
If you wish to view the relevant section of this meeting the link is: 
At the meeting FoTP&GS submitted the following question for consideration:
Why has the Scrutiny Committee been recommended to propose to the executive that Trafford continues to rely on existing greenspace protections instead of moving forward with a scheme such as “Fields in Trust”?
The thrust of these schemes is to protect parks and green spaces from changes in political will and planning dept influence to ensure these well loved public assets are not developed on and retained for future generations.
We urge that the Scrutiny Committee reject the report’s recommendation and instead further investigate how to ensure these parks and green space protections can be improved, and we would welcome an invitation to participate in the process.

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