Trafford is currently a ‘charging desert’, compared to other authorities.
With over 14% of recent car purchases being electric, the future has arrived and Trafford is well behind.
The Civic Society thinks having plenty of electric charging points will be absolutely essential to any place which considers itself a destination and wishes to incentivise people to visit in the first place, as well as to spend dwell time.
It is to be hoped that the retail parks and big supermarket car parks in the future will have more charging points, as it will certainly influence where people choose to shop and spend their time, while their car charges.
Any new development should ensure it at least has the electric capacity already in place and ideally the cabling, even if the chargers are installed later. The Regent Road car park developer has advised us that they will install ten fast chargers, or a lesser number of rapid chargers. We feel this is a drop in the
ocean considering the size of the car park, as it is also serving residents of the apartments.
By 2030 there will be many more Hybrid and Fully Electric cars on the road. Please give us your views on this either through the website contact us page, Facebook or Twitter. We would like to hear from as many people as possible so we can feed back to the developers and Trafford Council.

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